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My Story

For the love of food and the joy of cooking and serving something delicious!

My background

My love of food and passion for cooking led me to make a mid-life career change and become a chef.

I'm fully qualified with a varied background in à la carte dining, large and small functions, café and bistro food and personal chef service.

What I can provide

  • Morning, afternoon and high teas.
  • Finger food and cocktail canapés.
  • Breakfast, brunches and lunches.
  • Private dinner parties.
  • Grazing, cheese, antipasto, dip and sandwich platters.
  • Dessert and fruit platters.
  • Desserts, cakes, cookies and sweet treats.
  • Snow holiday meal packages.
  • Favours for weddings and Christenings.
  • Cooking classes.

Why Sally's Cooking!?

I offer a personalised service tailored to what you would like served. Mix and match items and platters to suit your tastes and function. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated.