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Finger Food

Whether it be a casual afternoon gathering or a formal cocktail party, there's lots to choose from.

If there's something in particular you would like that's not on the menu, please ask.

You might like to have some additional fun with cones of savoury or sweet seasoned popcorn or create a more sophisticated menu with fresh oysters and gin and tonic jelly. And if you'd like sliders and fairy bread, I can do that too!


  1.  Vegetable frittata cubes
  2. Smoked trout on potato rostis
  3. Vietnamese rice paper rolls
  4. Crab crostini
  5. Smoked salmon rollups with lemon mascarpone
  6. Roast beef rollups with horseradish cream
  7. Eggplant, feta and mint wraps 8. Salami and olive pastry pinwheels
  8. Tomato, basil and bocconccini sticks
  9. Rockmelon and prosciutto skewers
  10. Cucumber cups with cream cheese and caviar
  11. Prawn cocktails
  12. Herbed piklets with pear and blue cheese


  1. San choy bau cups
  2. Satay chicken skewers
  3. Lamb tzatziki skewers
  4. Aranchini balls
  5. Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake)
  6. Sticky spicy chicken wings
  7. Spinach and feta filo cigars
  8. Goat cheese and caramelised onion tarts
  9. Sweet chilli chicken sausage rolls
  10. Meatballs with spicy tomato dipping sauce
  11. Mini mushroom and camembert galettes
  12. Thai pumpkin soup shots
  13. Quiche Lorraine

Noodle Boxes

  1. Combination noodle stir fry
  2. Spaghetti and meatballs
  3. Lamb curry with basmatti rice


  1. Date and Kahlua balls
  2. Choc dipped strawberries
  3. Mini brownies
  4. White chocolate mousse with salted caramel sauce
  5. Honey panna cotta with choc honeycomb
  6. Lemon or lime meringue tarlets
  7. Strawberry tartlets
  8. Profiteroles
  9. Cheesecakes
  10. Orange and almond cake
  11. Walnut cigars
  12. Mini pavlovas
  13. Chocolate mousse tartlets