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Holiday Meal Packages

Taking a family holiday? A girls weekend away? Snow holiday with a bunch of friends? I bet the cooks in the group would love a complete holiday too!

I know from personal experience the last thing you want to do after a full day of skiing or sightseeing is to fight your way through the holiday crowds at the supermarket and go back to your accommodation to cook for the crew. Wouldn't you much prefer to put your feet up and relax rather than getting everyone organised to go our to a busy, crowded restaurant?

Holiday meals are packaged complete with instructions so they just need to be heated and served.

Soups (with small par-baked roll or croutons)

  1. Leek and potato
  2. Creamy mushroom
  3. French onion
  4. Thai style baked pumpkin
  5. Chicken and sweet corn
  6. Lentil and vegetable
  7. Cauliflower and broccoli


  1. Beef and red wine casserole, potato bake, steamed vegetables
  2. Beef curry, basmati rice
  3. Hearty beef lasagne, salad
  4. Moroccan lamb hot pot, sweet potato mash, steamed vegetables
  5. Pulled pork, roasted apples and roasted vegetables
  6. Italian spaghetti and meatballs, salad
  7. Chicken bosciaola, penne, salad
  8. Green Thai chicken curry, jasmine rice
  9. Pesto & parmesan stuffed chicken in proscuitto, creamy pesto sauce, roasted vegetables
  10. Asian caramel chicken, jasmine rice, steamed vegetables
  11. Red Thai tofu and vegetable curry, jasmine rice
  12. Indian chickpea and vegetable curry, basmati rice
  13. Vegetable lasagne, salad

Desserts (cream or ice-cream not supplied)

  1. Bread and butter pudding
  2. Tiramisu
  3. Apple and rhubarb crumble
  4. Sticky date puddings with butterscotch sauce
  5. Chocolate brownie with salted caramel sauce
  6. Strawberry cheesecake
  7. Chocolate mousse
  8. Honey panna cotta with sherry soaked raisins and biscotti
  9. Banana crepes with chocolate sauce
  10. Saffron poached pears in syrup