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Morning and afternoon tea

Everything is home made from quality ingredients. I'm regularly testing new recipes and often post photos of the results on the Sally's Cooking! social media sites.


If there's something special you would like, just ask!


Flavours include banana, apple cinnamon, chocolate chip and berry.

Biscuits and Cookies

Including chocolate chip, pistachio shortbread, amaretti, ANZAC and lots more.


Served with strawberry jam and cream.

Cakes, slices, etc.

Individual caramel, white chocolate and rich chocolate mud cakes, friands, mandarin and almond cakes, chocolate brownies, banana bread, pear and blueberry bread, meringues, cheesecakes, fruit tarts, lemon meringue tarts and similar treats.

Whole Cakes

Offerings such as mud cake, carrot cake, spiced zucchini and walnut cake, cheesecake, sponge cake, Persian love cake, salted caramel and chocolate tart and lemon meringue pie Just ask if there's something in particular you would like. Each feeds 8 to 10 people.

Please see the finger food and platters menus for savoury offerings.

A number of gluten free cakes and slices are available.