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Sandwiches, rolls and wraps

Need a light lunch or something more substantial? From classic sandwiches to gourmet rolls and wraps, fresh seasonal ingredients are combined for a nutritious and delicious meal.

Order some muffins and cakes or a cheese or fruit platter as well.

Assorted sandwiches

Sandwiches with classic fillings such as egg and lettuce, ham and pickles, cheese and chutney or gourmet fillings like roasted Mediterranean vegetables and cheddar, rare roast beef and seeded mustard or smoked salmon and cream cheese,

Assorted mini gourmet rolls

Rolls have fillings such as poached chicken with herb aioli, turkey and cranberry sauce or prawns with mango salsa.

Assorted wraps

Wraps have fillings such as salami, rocket and tomato; tuna, lettuce and sour cream, Ham tomato, lettuce and mustard; vintage cheddar and salad.

.......or order a combination of sandwiches, rolls and wraps.